Smart Alarms Service Providers in Kenya

Smart Alarms

Smart alarms combine the latest mobile technology with the convenience of Scantronic wireless solutions, with the option of monitoring and service packages.

Scantronic installs Smart alarms to offer new integrated ways to protect family and belongings, business and assets, including optional power controls to activate flood-lights when PIR sensors are triggered.

And if you forget to activate the alarm upon leaving your house, you can switch it on remotely from your mobile phone.

User friendly systems!

With stylish buttons or touch-screen control panel, and user-friendly voice assist helping guide you as you use the system, smart alarm solutions are the future of alarm systems and take security to the next level.

Integrated Infrared Laser Beams

The Wireless Photoelectric Motion Laser Beam is perfect for monitoring the perimeter of large areas, including gardens, driveways, indoor shopping areas and more. No trenching is required, thus drastically reducing installation costs.