Remote Monitoring for Smart Business

Smart Business

The continued strength in network and service provider communications means maintaining a secure business or home network is now more cost effective than ever, meaning more of us can benefit from intelligent, reliable technology.

Scantronic has the expertise, inspiration and technology to give you control of any number of practical applications from wherever you like, whenever you like, safe in the knowledge that your business and assets are safe and secure.

Server and Cold Rooms Temperature & Humidity Monitoring

Our temperature and humidity monitoring equipment provide peace of mind to our clients by providing critical alarm alerts on critical low and high temperature and humidity levels reached in sensitive Cold or Machine rooms.

GSM SMS alerts are sent to designated personnel on each critical levels reached.

Remote Monitoring & Backup

CCTV remote monitoring makes it possible to be proactive in preventing crime rather than having to react after an event has taken place. Monitored CCTV systems are connected to a Central Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC), which is staffed with many security experts, keeping you and your building protected all year round.

Scantronic can provide qualified technical qualified operational staff to monitor your CCTV, Alarms and other Security systems at your already established Control Centre or we can as well set-up state of simple, modest to state of the art Control Room/Centre at very competitive prices